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A huge step forward

Today we took a huuuge step forward – we did some revamping on our website and discussed our plans for next year. We came up with some very exciting ideas for new courses. It was not easy, but it was great fun!

This is us, trying to figure out how our own website is supposed to be working…

Béhm Zsuzsanna

As a learning and development professional, I passionately believe that people already possess all the resources they need to succeed and achieve their desired outcomes for a happy and meaningful life. What I do best is help people learn how to unlock these, and also unleash talent in organizations. I have designed several organizational development tools and 360-degree profiles for different organizations, this is one of my passions. Some examples: employee engagement diagnoses, LEAN surveys, change management survey, barriers to organizational change diagnosis, strategy execution index, stress assessment, satisfaction surveys, 360-degree profile for managers, assessment profile for future leaders. Of course, what you do with the results is the quintessence of measurement, that is why I have delivered hundreds of hours of workshops and training focusing on the targeted development areas. LinkedIn profile:

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