Must have!


The test and the result is one thing. It is mostly a compass for the consultation where to start. The workshop on its own is outstanding. I would recommend it even without filling out the test, it is thought-provoking.

On the consultation… I admit I did not think we will get so far from the result of the test. I left with questions that I would never ask myself. I found answers that were right in front of me, but until I did not articulate them, I did not sense how determining they are.

It was super, I loved it, Im coming for more 😉

Robert Danny Jr

My name is Robert Dani Cser. I deliver self-awareness workshops. I develop self-awareness tools. I write self-awareness books. I don't like to speak about myself, because I would never think that in my profession it is relevant who I am. In my profession, what matters is rather what I can give. So, about me: I am not a Coach. I am not a psychologist either. I am a problemsolver, who is incidentally specialized in human problems. I would be perfectly satisfied if the people could get to know themselves, their environment, and as a result they could finally accept or even like who they really are. Though the attributes of a human are constant, those are relative based on the environment. Your weakness in one position can be your strenght in another. Get to know WHAT, WHY, HOW, and with WHAT KNOWLEDGE you do and your life will gain a meaning.
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