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When I was a kid… (Ok that’s not the proper start cause Im still a kid with 35 years experience). When I was younger, I spent months with a PC game called Medal of Honor. You know, this is the game to take you to the world of Spielbergs Private Ryan. If you were skillful enough you could easily find yourself in an assault boat approaching Omaha Beach. This was the mission I went back after finishing the whole game to see if I can survive without a hit. I wanted to see how was it possible to get out of Omaha Beach alive. I literally spent hours to memorize where I need to move to keep off from the bullets. When I was hit, I started all over.

I guess the writers of Edge of Tomorrow went through the same or they played a lot with video games without saving options during a mission.

I can tell you, after a while, its pretty annoying.

So Our protagonist in Edge of Tomorrow, lets call him Tom (who is suffering from chronic unpopularity at the moment in the US caused by the S word, what we don’t say btw) is going through something similar when he gets in a time-loop, and simply cannot die. Every time, he dies, the day starts all over. And I can tell you he dies for sure, since the alien enemy kills him in a short period of time.

Ok so I understand its Tom, but lets not bury him already (mainly cause I just said a line earlier, he is going to wake up anyway) and theres a lot we can learn from the movie itself.

First the screenplay is perfectly written. I could imagine it without a happy ending though, but I understand its still Hollywood. Second, It has a lot more funny moments and jokes than Captain America or a few others, where Id expect it, and last but not least it has a not so hidden message for those, who really want to do something with their lives.

Its not accidental that the aliens in this movie are amorphous impersonal drones and the size of the army is right that jumbo that a normal shoot and go will not do to defeat them, unless your last name is Norris.

So heres the point. How many times you felt you are committing the same mistakes over and over again in your life, and you can not get out of the loop? That’s what Tom is doing in this movie too. He is trying to escape from his monsters without facing them, but whatever he does, he will die anyway, and it starts all over. Slowly Tom realizes the only way to get rid of them is to study them, set up a strategy, and face them.

In the movie, it seems the enemy is one big mass without any weakness, just as your problems in your life. But if you stop for a moment and get the nerve to study what is happening and why, you will find a few breaking points where you can hit.

Funny thing is, Tom is only willing to face the problem, cause he cannot even die to run away from it. Since we don’t have that option, I gues its better to start the fight right here, right now.

Robert Danny Jr

My name is Robert Dani Cser. I deliver self-awareness workshops. I develop self-awareness tools. I write self-awareness books. I don't like to speak about myself, because I would never think that in my profession it is relevant who I am. In my profession, what matters is rather what I can give. So, about me: I am not a Coach. I am not a psychologist either. I am a problemsolver, who is incidentally specialized in human problems. I would be perfectly satisfied if the people could get to know themselves, their environment, and as a result they could finally accept or even like who they really are. Though the attributes of a human are constant, those are relative based on the environment. Your weakness in one position can be your strenght in another. Get to know WHAT, WHY, HOW, and with WHAT KNOWLEDGE you do and your life will gain a meaning.

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