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How to make Max Verstappen be an early champion next year?

So to whom it may concern, please see an explanation what is happening in the inside?

Each and every personality (therefore each and every person of course) has two completely different sides. No, I’m not talking about the dark jedi and light jedi stuff now. What I’m talking about is the Proactive and Reactive side of a person.

The Proactive trait will define how a person will set his own goals, and how will he achieve those. While the Reactive trait will define how a person will react to events that can influence the defined goals. In a healthy situation these two sides can be balanced and can complete each other toward the achievable aim. However in some situations these two sides can work against each other as well.

Currently the problem with Max, or since I am not Max, I can only assume, that the goal itself is not defined clearly. What is the goal? Winning a few races? Winning the world title? Or only enjoying the competition? A personality like Max will never care for the end result. I bet Max enjoys being second with a hard work than being the first easily. Because it does not matter what position you are at the end of the race, until you had a very good time. And to be honest being the first for 70 laps, is definitely not that entertaining than overtaking the whole field.

The Proactive and Reactive sides of Max are not balanced. Max is a problem solver on the Reactive side, and he is very good at it. Just take a look at what he did in the last few weeks, when he had to save the day. Max is the best in situations that could never be solved. But what is happening, when actually there is nothing to solve? What is happening when accidentally Max starts from the first row? That is something that the Proactive self should handle. Though what is the goal then? Having fun? The Proactive side of Max, is the having fun side. Having fun can include a wide variation of activities. And from there it is only one small jump to the “Would not it be fun to get ourselves into some trouble, so then we could start some problem solving? What we are the best at?”

Of course it will always happen beyond will.

So what is the goal? Having moments through the year? Fernando Alonso has similar Reactive trait as Max. It motivated him during his last years with Ferrari. When everyone knew that car will never win the championship. He almost did it. He almost did it two times.

Now everyone knows that a Red Bull driver will never win the championship next year. It is a bit of a problem yet to be solved…

Robert Danny Jr

My name is Robert Dani Cser. I deliver self-awareness workshops. I develop self-awareness tools. I write self-awareness books. I don't like to speak about myself, because I would never think that in my profession it is relevant who I am. In my profession, what matters is rather what I can give. So, about me: I am not a Coach. I am not a psychologist either. I am a problemsolver, who is incidentally specialized in human problems. I would be perfectly satisfied if the people could get to know themselves, their environment, and as a result they could finally accept or even like who they really are. Though the attributes of a human are constant, those are relative based on the environment. Your weakness in one position can be your strenght in another. Get to know WHAT, WHY, HOW, and with WHAT KNOWLEDGE you do and your life will gain a meaning.

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