Before we meet:

  • We will send You a User Name and Password to fill a DISC+VALUES Online test that will give us the base for our first meeting.
  • We will agree on an appointment.

On the meeting

  • We will discuss your results, and the connections between your result and other peoples personality.
  • You will get a 17 pages description about your personality.
  • The meeting lasts about 2 hours.
  • We can set up follow up sessions, if required.

Sometimes we do not understand ourselves, let alone others. We are tend to believe that the whole world is against us including our family members or even the One. With our tool, DISC and Values test, you can look in the mirror, and learn about yourself and others.
You will understand yourself and will see others more clearly, the wide palette of behavioural styles and inner motivations, the fascinating combinations.

This course will help you

  • get to know yourself
  • get to know others
  • get to know your environment

Connecting to your environment, others and communicating your needs is the next level – we will look at how you could improve your relationships and resolve your conflicts with your loved ones.

Who we recommend: Everyone who has a conflict with other people (Mom, Dad, Love, Boss, Direct. etc) and wants to understand the root cause of it.

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