Career Management





Before we meet:

  • We will send you a User Name and Password to fill a DISC+VALUES Online test that will give us the base for our first meeting.
  • We will agree on an appointment.

On the first occasion

  • We will fill out another form together based on the answers you give in the online test to get a deeper understanding of what would fit you the best.
  • It will last for about an hour, and definitely you will get a bit exhausted, though it worth it to be more targetet.

On the second occasion

  • We will discuss what we discover as the result of the tests drawing up a few career lines for you.

All jobs require special abilities. Abilities that can meet or not meet the personality who you are.

A lot of times you get the question on a job interview to describe your strength or weaknesses. In fact, there are no strengths or weaknesses of a person at all. The question is rather, what position are you trying to get and why. It is the job itself that will define whether you are a talent or an anti-talent in the given area.

Career Management is not only about moving up on a ladder and getting more money for it. Career Management is understanding ourselves. Understanding the situations that can cause joy or pain in our lives. Understanding what will be our reaction to different environments, and making a decision.

During this course you will

  • understand your motivations and behaviour style
  • understand different business cultures, environments
  • understand situations that can be easily handled by your personality
  • understand situations that can cause you troubles
  • understand what areas and positions could fit the personality like yours.

Who we recommend: Everyone, who stuck on the way through their career, who burnt out, or who just don’t know where to start or re-start.

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