Extended DISC and Values Test


The DISC and VALUES Profile gives you an insight about your Motivators, Natural Behavior Style and Adobted Behavior Style.

Your values work as a compass in your life. You make your decisions based on your superior motivators. The connection of these motivators will define your mentality. You can act and think according to these connections only and can understand the world through this subjective filter.

Your Natural Style describes how you behave, when you can genuinly be yourself. When there is no exterior factor that could affect your behavior. This is that relaxing state, where you always want to return after huge stress load.

Your Adobted Style is able to change, and yet it is changing according to the activities you practice every day. The farther your Adobted Style is from your Natural Style, the more stress load hits your body. Every difference that is over 20% has a huge effect on your health.

The extended test will show the amount of stress that hits your health and offers solutions how to get ballanced. It will describe an environment and activity that fits your personality. It can reveal your secret strengths or also can be a confirmation for your directions.


What is DISC?

DISC is a methodology for describing and explaining behavioral differences between people in a clear and simple way. It stands out from the numerous available test and measurement tool with its user-friendliness; meaning that ordinary people (not just psychologists) are easily able to understand their report and apply the lessons learnt in their everyday life.

DISC is probably the most used behavioral assessment tool in the world because it is also scientifically proven, validated and continuously researched. It exists in many versions, but the resulting four basic types, although they may have different names, describe roughly the same behaviors.

It is widely used in the field of HR, often for candidate selection or internal appointments. It is important to know, however, that when candidates are required to fill in a ’personality test’ before the interview, it often refers to DISC – incorrectly. The DISC and Values Index does not measure personality, but shows observable patterns of behavior that can be used to draw conclusions on the future operation of the candidate at the workplace. We also need to point out it is not a skills assessment test either, it is a behaviour and motivations profile. In addition, there is probably no test that we can expect to map your personality with absolute certainty.

The benefits of the DISC and Values Index for everyone: increased self-knowledge – and after learning about all behavioural types this will also bring about a greater understanding and easier acceptance of others. The DISC and Values Index can be a great asset for career planning, when selecting a workplace or position, setting goals, planning implementations, and communicating with others.

Why do we work with DISC?

We are both qualified DISC and Values Index consultants (Innermetrix, Psidium), and we became fully committed to the methodology already at the training. Since then, we have seen how much this tool can give to the participants at every single training and coaching session. Of course, if the development needs so require, we can bring other methods and tools into the process (e.g. transactional analysis, NLP, 360-degree profiles). In any case, the DISC and Values Index occupy a special place in our toolbox, and we have chosen to become specialists in this.

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