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About Us

Our core value is YOU. That is the reason why we select our clients carefully…

We are friends who share the love of learning. We are passionate about the truth. We are fascinated by people. We want to get to know you.
Here the similarities end – let’s look at the two of us separately:

Zsuzsanna – As a child, I always wanted to make the world a better place. As the years passed, that initial drive morphed into the love of helping others and teaching.
As a learning and development professional, I can show people how they can tap into their talents and fulfil their own goals, to have a meaningful life. I can show them how to understand themselves and others, to have a happy life. I can help teams learn how to work together successfully. I can support companies in unleashing talent in their organisation.

Robert – I never wanted to make the world a better place. I only wanted to be understood. As it never happened, I started to have a desperate need to learn why people cannot understand each other. Now I know. Now I can psychologically and logically describe why I am not understood.

Feel free to contact us by filling the below form with any questions.

Lets Meet

Our Office

A: 1186 Budapest, Csáth Géza utca 3.

T: +36(20) 498 05 26

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 6 pm. – 10 pm.

Saturday: 8 am. – 10 pm.

Sunday: By Appointment


We provide on-site trainings and workshops for companies. We also organize open training sessions for anyone who would like to improve themselves. You can join individually or through your company.

We strive to help teams and organization with development solutions which

  • are based on thorough and detailed diagnoses tailored to the specific needs of the organization,
  • are implemented by engaging all levels of the organization and aim to change the culture,
  • are supported by replicable tools and materials which will become property of the organization, and
  • ensure the sustainability of positive change, even without outside help.

Our goal: To help people and organizations change and shine their potential.

Our place is located in the 18th district of Budapest, Hungary, in a green zone far away from the noise of the city.

We tried to create an environment where you can feel at home, where you can easily get relaxed and be yourself.

During our trainings or discussions, everything is free. You are free to come and leave. Free to serve yourself a coffee, a tea, a drink whenever you’d like, just like at home.

The maximum number of persons we can handle is 8. Events we publish for more participants are held in different locations, we rent. The address is always highlighted in the invite.

Also you can find some hidden treasures of our childhood/adulthood here and there all over the place, just to make sure the time you spend with us will never be forgotten.

The office is located in the middle of the Block facing the park of Sina Simon Sétány.

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