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1 or 2 training days

Though our communication is influenced by our mentality, how we actually communicate is based on our behavior style. People with different styles have different ways of talking, writing, and have a different need for even connecting to each other at all. This is the reason why we can barely understand each other, even though we speak the same language.

During this course

  • we look at the different dimensions of human behaviour
  • you will understand your motivations and behaviour better
  • you will understand how to connect with others with the different values and styles


  • Different types of behaviour (DISC) and values (Values Index)
  • Participants work with their own profile: what each behaviour style / business motivator means, differences between natural and adaptive styles, talents and non-talents, the mixing of styles / values within one person,
  • Cooperations with others: how to deal with different styles / motivations, how to prevent and resolve conflicts, how to convince and lead others.

As a result, participants will

  • Have a higher level of self-knowledge,
  • Learn what their true talents are, what their dream positions could be, how they could be happier and more successful at work and in their private life,
  • Get an easy-to-use toolkit which will enable them to communicate more effectively with others and easily resolve their conflicts,
  • Be able to support and motivate their direct reports and colleagues according to their personal needs and preferences.

Who we recommend within your company: Managers, HR personnel, sales teams, relationship managers, customer service teams – and really everyone who deals with other people during their daily work.


One week before the workshop:

  • Participants will fill an online DISC+VALUES test

On the workshop:

  • Participants will receive and will work with their profiles

After the workshop:

  • Participants will receive a 17 pages description about their personality as a closing


Zsuzsanna Béhm

Róbert Dani Cser


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