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1 or 2 training days

No matter what job we perform, there will always be tasks associated with it. These tasks can be categorized into 3 different types: people-based tasks, project-based tasks, and both. It is not surprising that someone who has a people-style personality will handle people-based tasks better, while someone with a project-style personality will deal with project types easier.

It is essential to get to know your own personality in order to understand what types of tasks you can handle perfectly, and where you would need development. Also, you may have experienced that some of the time management techniques that everyone else swears on simply do not work for you – we are happy to present you with some alternatives.

During this course you will:

  • get to know your motivations and behavior style
  • learn how to maximize your task orientation
  • understand what and how you should be planning
  • learn tricks and hints through examples


  • always based on a thorough needs analysis
  • Examples: value-based time and task management – individual values, our roles, our mission and goals; prioritizing – the urgent/important matrix, to do and ta da lists, how to handle time wasters
  • tips and tricks – Outlook, online and paper calendars, stress management, how to say no, how to handle interruptions and procrastination


One week before the workshop:

  • Participants will fill an online DISC+VALUES test

On the workshop:

  • Participants will receive and will work with their profiles

After the workshop:

  • Participants will receive a 1 to 2 pages description about their time management style to highlight potential obstacles


Zsuzsanna Béhm


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