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1 or 2 training days

There has been a long debate over whether you can only be born as a natural leader, or you can learn to be one. We believe that there are people with certain motivation and behaviour profiles who will be adept at leading others without formally learning anything about management, and then there will be some, with other profiles, who will not be very successful no matter how hard they try. During this training, we will explain what is needed to be considered a natural talent.

If you are not a 100% natural talent, no worries, there are things that can be learnt – we built the session based on the topics below to maximize the possible learning experience.


  • always based on a thorough needs analysis, with the help of 360-degree leadership profiles if possible
  • Different types of behaviour (DISC) and values (Values Index)
  • Participants work with their own profile: what each behaviour style / business motivator means, differences between natural and adaptive styles, talents and non-talents, the mixing of styles / values within one person,
  • Cooperations with others – successful communication with people of different behaviour styles and motivations during the ‘classic’ managerial tasks such as: tasks assignment, feedback, recruitment, motivating, coordinating and controlling, coaching, performance assessment, liaising between the team and the manager, preventing and resolving conflicts, mediation; building trust; building systems etc.
  • Other topics may include: leadership roles, situational leadership, stages of group formation.


One week before the workshop:

  • Participants will fill an online DISC+VALUES test

On the workshop:

  • Participants will receive and will work with their profiles

After the workshop:

  • Participants will receive a 17 pages description about their personality as a closing

Six months after the workshop:

  • Participants can get a follow up discussion to summarize progress


Zsuzsanna Béhm

Róbert Dani Cser


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