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2+ training days

Every team has to go through different stages of development. Some of these are very difficult to cope with. Are you facing decreased motivation and productivity? Lacking team chemistry? Or even long standing interpersonal conflicts? Or you just want to prepare and minimize the effects of the bumpy ride? With the development of the team’s cooperation skills, We will assist you in building a stronger team so that it can reach its full potential.


  • always based on a thorough needs analysis
  • Different types of behaviour (DISC) and values (Values Index)
  • Participants work with their own profile: what each behaviour style / business motivator means, differences between natural and adaptive styles, talents and non-talents, the mixing of styles / values within one person,
  • Cooperations with others – successful communication with people of different behaviour styles and motivations within one team
  • Other topics may include: assertive communication, conflict resolution, empathic listening; transactional analysis, communication across cultures and generations; identifying the strenths of the team based on common task solutions; stages of group formation; group processes and norms, etc.


One week before the workshop:

  • Participants will fill an online DISC+VALUES test

On the workshop:

  • Participants will receive and will work with their profiles

After the workshop:

  • Participants will receive a 17 pages description about their personality as a closing


Zsuzsanna Béhm

Róbert Dani Cser


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