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The Personality of Santa…

December 24, 2019

When you try to describe a personality, you must always start with the VALUES. You will need to understand what motivates the given person. Then the combination of the motivations or as I call it VALUES will give you the way how the person thinks. This will give you the goals of the person for life. Right after that you should check how does (s)he reach these goals of her/his own.

So let’s see if Santa has an Individualistic drive. An individualistic person is quite selfish. Does not really interested in others, or what happens with others. Only focuses on self-welfare. If Santa would include that motivation, it would rather be like:

-Ho. Ho. Ho. How should I give these presents to anyone If there is only one man in the world, who really deserves them, and that one man would be me actually. And I should not give presents to me, because that would be Narcissistic, isn’t it.

How about Aesthetic drive? An aesthetic person is all about feelings and emotions. They have high emotional intelligence, and also they are devoted to nurture nature. They are that devoted, that an Aesthetic Santa would look like this:

First of all everyone on earth would find coal in their socks, whoever cut out even one pine to dress it as a Christmas Tree. Did you do it too? No chance then for a good present.

-Ho. Ho. Ho. How could I give you any presents when you are destroying nature? Even your grand grand grand grand grand children will get coal. So you will at least have something to ruin the world with.

But that’s not happening. So No Santa is not Aesthetic either. However you could think he is emotional, he is not. You are getting emotional for getting presents. Not him…

Next motivation is Economic. An Economic person is a real businessman. Always thinks about win-win situations, and never does anything that does not worth doing it. Here comes our Economic Santa:

-Ho. Ho. Ho. Welcome to the Santa Webshop. We fulfil every wish as long as you have something similar in price in exchange. Money will also do. Delivery is almost free. Just don’t forget to feed the deers. – Ummm not very likely.

How about Political drive? Someone with this Motivation will always want to be the most powerful person in the universe. A person like this does not like to work. A person like this likes everyone to obey and do what has been said to do by him. A Santa with political drive and with the powers that only a Santa has, would not leave a coal in your socks, but rather something that he can manipulate you with even if you were good. It will be something you really affraid of or something that you really want, but you will only get it if you surrender.

-Ho. Ho. Ho. Come and join the rest to serve Santa with a smile, It is going to do you good I promise. – Nope.

Now, as we are through 4 VALUES out of 7 it is getting more certain we find the right motivations of Mr. Claus.

Altruism. An altruistic person wants to come up with ideas that helps others reach their goals. Wants to help, and likes to give. Likes to give without expecting anything in return. I think we found it. We found the primary motivation of Santa. Santa gives. Actually not without expecting nothing. But gives for sure, how noone is able to give.

Theoretical drive. Someone owning this motivation will always search and fight for the truth. They are objective and their life is about continuous learning and teaching. To be better and better. So what does Santa expect in exchange for the gifts? To be good. To do the right thing. This must be the secondary Motivation of him.

Someone with Regulatory drive will find his own life within Principles. Regulatory people like to follow rules or practices. These structures give them stability to count on. A principle or practice can easily be found in giving presents to people only, who did the right thing through the year, every year.

So we can be sure that Mr Claus is Altruistic, Theoretical and Regulatory.

So lets see now, how does he handle the above mentality.

First of all, he has a to do list. Normally Dominant people are to do list types of people. until that list does not have too much details. Like only a Name. However our Mr. Claus has to deal with a bit of more information. Its Name, Likelihood of goodness, present, address (particularly if it belongs to a John Smith). Compliant people can deal with that depth of details. Delivering presents to everyone is a task. It’s a whole big project. So not to be surprised that Santa will be full Task side which means Dominant and Compliant style. But also Santa has to be very persistent to get to the end of the list. That comes with the Steadiness trait.

This means Our Santa is two third introvert and one third extrovert. So don’t be surprised he commutes through the chimney and he works at night, when everyone is sleeping. He will not be your best buddy nor will have smalltalks with you during working hours. Not like he would have time for it.

Connecting these traits to the motivations will give you the following characteristics:

Dominant part: Educator, Vigilante, Executor

Compliance part: Corrector, Analyzer, Orderly

Steadiness part: Listener, Researcher, Traditionalist

This is a perfect match for a Pedagogue.

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