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Leaving the comfort zone is a NO GO!

January 21, 2020

Car racing on a track. The track is the comfort zone.

Staying in your comfort zone means, you are not pushing the limits. You just go as fast as you can on the concrete without taking too much risk. Will you be fast? It depends on compared to who. You can be relatively fast if you stay on track, or I can say stay within the comfort zone without pushing the limits. Will you win? Again it depends. If no one pushes the limits, you can even win.

What people tend to call “leave your comfort zone to be successful” is the moment you decide you take more risk, in order to go faster on the track. You start to push the limits. You even touch the edge of the track. You can even touch the grass with 1 or 2 wheels outside the track but the car is still mainly on the concrete going fast. With pushing the limits this way for sure you can win. Might be even this will not be enough if the others around you take more risk, and even pushing harder.

Leaving the comfort zone aka leaving the track.

Will you win if you leave the track? For sure not. If you go off the track you take a lot of risks. The car can be damaged, the car cannot go as fast on the grass as fast it can go on the concrete. I dont mention here other risks, watch a car race. But yes there can be situations in your life, in the race, when there will be obstacles on the track. Other cars having accidents. Debris etc, that you can only avoid if you go off the track. You need to do it slowly, with focus. It is a stressful moment. And at the earliest you need to get back on track in order to get back to your normal speed.

So leave the comfort zone only if there is no other way to stay on track. And then get back on track the safest the earliest.

If you leave your comfort zone, you will not be successful. If Lewis Hamilton left his comfort zone, which is way above 300km/h, and would sit in a multinational company to be a random analyst, I bet he would be so successful. Not really right? Or the comfort zone should be left by only introvert personalities? This is stupid.

Leaving your comfort zone does not give you success. Pushing your limits give you success. But only you can push the limits, if you know the limits, if, you know where the edge of the track is.

If you want to learn more about your comfort zone, visit a professional, who can help you define that. Then you will find a lot of secret talent in yourself, that you did not even know about yourself. And actually that talent will help you to push it, push it hard.

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