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Coaching – Single Occasion


First Occasion – FREE!


After you place your order:
• We will agree on an appointment.
On the first occasion:
• We will introduce ourselves to each other and will decide whether we can work together on your case.

After the first occasion:
• If for any reasons we cannot work together, your payment will be returned.
• If we can work together, you will need to fill an online extended DISC test to undersand your personality and to match that to your case.
• We will decide how many occasions you will need to complete your case


Coaching is extending traditional training methods to include focus on an individuals needs and accomplishments, close observation, and impartial and non-judgemental feedback on performance.
Normally a Coach will never ask the WHYs, but will focus on the HOWs. Well, actually not in our place. No matter what case you are bringing to us to work on, we would like to understand what is your motivation for it, since If it is an External Motivation of yours, it will simply not going to work at all.

During our coaching sessions, you will get
• single occasions with different exercises based on your case
• a better understanding of yourself
• a guidance for your case
• menthal and physical support to complete your case

Who we recommend: Everyone who has a strong will to close a specific case but the efforts put into it did not seem to work as of yet.


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